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        "The Marquis de Sade is Afraid of the Sea"
at INTAR´s NewWorks Lab
 “The Marquis de Sade is Afraid of the Sea,” a workshop production of Casa Cruz de la Luna Theatre  will be presented by INTAR Theatre as part of the  NewWorks Lab Series.  Shows on:  Friday, February 23 / 8:00PM; Saturday, February 24 / 8:00PM and Sunday, February 25 / 4:00PM.  At INTAR Theatre, 500W 52ndSt. (corner with 10th Ave.), 4th Floor (buzzer 4W1).  Tickets:  $5, available at   


"The Marquis de Sade is Afraid of the Sea," is a play that deals with facing catastrophes; navigating social, political and virtual dimensions; the need for revolutions in the way we view reality and we view theatre; and the fascination and cruelty of languages, words and beliefs.  It creates fluid passages through fragmented realms that touch on: the legend of the Golem (on modern soldiers as Golems); spiritualist mediums trapped in technological worlds; bodies resurrected from the flood; and re-visitations of the first act of Anton Chekhov´s The Seagull and the writings of the Marquis de Sade.

A first version of the piece was staged in Spanish by the author, Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya, and students of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez in 2009.  The current project centers on the development of a new version, the first one in English, and its staging with a New York City-based ensemble.


Generators:  Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya (text, dramaturgy, stage direction), Alejandra Morales (concept, staging, stage management, production, design), Christopher Cancel-Pomales (concept, staging, scenery construction, production, design).  Acting ensemble:  Rachel Kodweis, Michael Leonard, Milton Daniel López, Laura Mercedes, Laura Riveros, Daniela Thome, Caridad del Valle, Christopher Cancel-Pomales and Alejandra Morales.  Publicity/technical attaché:  Angelí Vélez.   

About Casa Cruz de la Luna:  Based on an old house in the historical district of the town of San Germán in the Southwest of Puerto Rico, Casa Cruz de la Luna, has as its mission the continuous exploration of the limits of the theatrical experience. From 1998 on, the group has created experimental productions of classical works by Jorge Luis Borges, Cervantes, García Lorca, Oscar Wilde and Maeterlinck as well as of new plays by Puerto Rican writers.  

Among our vectors of exploration are:  the activation of ruins and spaces in disuse, investigating acts of perception (“active spectatorship”), interactions with poor (quotidian) technology and the study of the continuum between different qualities of the organic and inorganic onstage (naked bodies, overdressed bodies, live animals, meat, replica, puppets, figures, functioning and non-functional apparatuses).  From 2014 on, the company has been working in setting a second home base in New York.

About INTAR INTAR is an organization committed to the development of “theater arts without borders.” Over the past four decades, INTAR has produced classics, Latino adaptations of classics, cabarets, and 70 world premiers of plays written by Latino-Americans, including Oscar nominee Jose Rivera and Pulitzer Prize recipient Nilo Cruz. INTAR, one of the United States’ longest running Latino theater producing in English, works to nurture the professional development of Latino theater artists; produce bold, innovative, artistically significant plays that reflect diverse perspectives; and, make accessible the diversity inherent in America’s cultural heritage. INTAR has commissioned, developed, and produced works by more than 175 Latino writers, composers, and choreographers. It has assisted hundreds of Latino playwrights, directors, and actors in obtaining their first professional theater credits, union memberships, and reviews in English-language media. “There’s scarcely a Latino artist in America who hasn’t been supported or trained or produced by INTAR” according to The New York Times.


  Casa Cruz de la Luna

  67 Luna Street, San Germán

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