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Calendario / Calendar
May 27 2018, @ 1.:00 P.M. 
La Plaza Cultural (Ave, C & 9th St.), NY, NY
Casa Cruz de la Luna will be featured in
the  Loisaida Festival
Come and enjoy a variety of presentations at La Placita Cultural as part of the Loisaida Festival Lab.  Including Casa Cruz de la Luna's second movement of "The Marquis de Sade is Afraid of the Sea."  A re-visitation of the 1918 legendary earthquake in the South West of Puerto Rico; bodies resurrected from the flood; agitation of the masses, and the peaceful violence of quotidian life meet in the staging of this text by Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya.  With: Alejandra Morales, Christopher Cancel, Laura Mercedes and Caridad del Valle.  
Free event!  More info.
Julio 2018, San Germán
Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya:
Libros e Impresos, 2016-18

Casa Cruz de la Luna se abre a un programa de talleres, charlas y presentaciones en torno a esta exposición interactiva.  Auspiciado por "El Serrucho" de Beta-Local.

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